Sedric T. Squirrel™

Hey guys,

Sedric T. Squirrel here. That’s what my mom calls me, but you can just call me Sedric.

I’m always looking for new adventures, but I often get sidetracked when I see an acorn. God made ALOT of them!

Sometimes my adventures can lead me into trouble. Glad I have Daryl to help me out.



Bailee A. Bunny™

Hi everyone,

My name is Bailee A. Bunny.

My favorite color is pink and I love flowers. They are so pretty. I thank God every day for them!

I don’t really like to get dirty. Josie is always calling me a “drama bunny”…but I don’t think that is true.





Daryl D. Turtle™

Hi, I’m Daryl.

My full name is Daryl D. Turtle.

I enjoy singing about God and His love. My best friend’s name is Sedric.

I like to be organized and on time, but sometimes Sedric can get me off track


Josie B. Bird™

Hey people,

I’m Josie B. Bird. Some people call me Josie B…but I don’t like that.

I tend to speak my mind and sometimes that can get me into trouble. I pretty much “tell it like it is” around here.

I also like music and being outside enjoying God’s creation.

Batman rocks!




Bobby the Ant™

Hi!!! I’m Bobby!

I like food and eating… yeah, that pretty much says it all.

I do love Daddy God a lot and like to tell people about Him. 


Samantha the Ant™

Hello! My name is Samantha.

I love it when I have the opportunity to tell others just how much God really loves them.

I also enjoy spending time with my friend Bobby, even though I do have to keep him out of trouble sometimes.



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