The “Glow Stick Incident”

Who doesn’t love a good glow stick? Or glow bracelet, glow ball, or glow sword.  Just snap and shake and there you have it. Color! The colors are captivating as they swirl and dance in a sea of darkness.

We buy glow sticks in bulk and use them in our ministry. Our thought process went something like this…“they’re non-toxic, kids love them and hey…they’ll make a big impact under black light.”  Well…they are and they do. Just not so much if you snap them way too hard and they break and then you have glowing clothes, glowing hands, glowing floors, glowing puppets, and glowing …well you get the picture. Such was the case at our latest event as the breaking of the glow sticks seemed to be the norm. Thankfully, they are indeed non-toxic as this was proven over and over again that day.  (Kids, don’t try this at home and don’t break your glow sticks on purpose. And be sure to read the directions. Thought I better include this statement.)

A small thing. An inexpensive thing. (Hey, I told you we buy them in bulk!)  A temporary burst of color shining in the darkness.  Multiply that by one hundred and you have a field of waving color. Quite impressive.  And the joy…did I mention the joy…on the children’s faces. All because of a glow stick.

A light shining in the darkness. A light burning bright for others to see. A light that brings joy and adds color to the lives of others. A small thing.

An inexpensive thing. But…big impact!

Be that light. Be that pop of color in someone else’s life. Be that light that transforms their darkness. Yes, be a glow stick! And if you feel yourself start to fade…ask Jesus to shake you up again and to keep you glowing. And…hey…feel free to go ahead and “break” your joy and light all over others.

Glowing for Him,


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