Will There Be Kids There?

“Will there be kids there? Oh, I hope so.” I overheard an excited little girl asking her mother this question at a store right before July 4th weekend.  I don’t know what type of outing they had planned…but with bathing suit in hand…she was ready.


Have you ever noticed that you can put a group of kids together who don’t know each other and within minutes they will be playing together like best friends. Those were the days. The anticipation of going along with your parents hoping that when you arrived at your destination there would be someone to play with. It didn’t matter if you went into it not knowing anyone…as a kid…you never left as a stranger.


That’s a lesson that is all too soon forgotten. Lost in busy schedules and our own worlds we don’t make or take the time to reach out and make a friend of that new neighbor and they remain a stranger. Whether in our neighborhoods, church, grocery store…wherever…do we offer a smile, a wave, a hello? Do we see a need and meet it? Do we reach out to others with the enthusiasm of a child?


And…yes it’s sad…that in today’s world…there is a lot of truth in being careful and aware of the people around you. But I miss the innocence.


So…be observant…be aware of what is going on around you…and let’s start to reach out in God’s love again. Let’s make a new friend. Let’s dust off that “kid mentality” and put it into practice…let’s never leave as a stranger.


Will there be kids there? Oh…I hope so!




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